About Us
Umm Suqeim Veterinary Centre provides the most comprehensive medical and surgical companion animal care. It was opened by Dr Malcolm Rose in 2014 and his team of dedicated vets. Dr. Malcolm Rose and his wife, Dr. Monique Strange were the first to open a 24 hour veterinary clinic in the Middle East, and continue to forge new horizons to bring the best quality veterinary care to you throughout the life of your pet. Our services and facilities range from routine preventive care for young, healthy pets; early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages; and complete medical and surgical care as necessary during their lifetime. We are the only facility in Dubai to be 24 hours which means we are fully staffed with vets, nurses and support every day and every night.

Cat Friendly Clinic
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What does it mean?
Our Veterinary Hospital is designated as Gold Standard Cat Friendly! This means we are passionate about the correct care and needs that cats have (and they are not just small sized dogs!) We have taken extra steps to understand your cat’s unique needs.

Visiting a Cat Friendly Clinic can provide lifelong benefits for your cat. Our goals are to:
-Help reduce the stress from visitingthe veterinary hospital.
-Improve the quality of care provided.
-Understand cats’ distinct needs and behaviours making the visit more cat-friendly.
-Understand how to approach and handle cats in a gentle, sensitive, and caring manner.
-Create a physical space designed with you and your cat in mind.
-Meet standards for facilities and care of hospitalized cats.

We have a separate cat reception, separate cat wards, even a separate cat prep and surgical area! We have specialised equipment that we use every day for cats – from blood pressure monitors to miniature endoscopes, tonometers to blood testing… we are ready for your cats needs!

In short, we LOVE cats!

Gold Standard Anaesthesia
How do we provide the safest anaesthesia for your pets?
Before the anaesthetic:
-Blood testing (liver and kidney function)
-Intravenous fluids during all anaesthetic procedures
-Individualised anaesthetic protocols for your pet
-Induction of anaesthesia with the safest drugs

During the anaesthetic:
-Gaseous anaesthesia (oxygen and modern anaesthetic agent)
-One-on-one nurse monitoring by western qualified Veterinary Nurses
-Pre-operative pain relief
-Written anaesthetic charting
-Electronic monitoring of vital signs
-Blood pressure monitoring

After the anaesthetic:
-One-on-one nursing during the recovery period