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Meet our highly trained Doctors and Surgeons - as you can see they are animal lovers and pet owners too!

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Dr Malcolm Rose, BVSc MACVSc MRCVS

veterinary dr malcolm rose

Dr Malcolm is a truly internationally experienced veterinary surgeon, having worked in the UK and Hong Kong before moving out to Dubai in 2004.  As a Bristol graduate, he also had the opportunity to study in Canada.  He has a specialty qualification in Small Animal Medicine from the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists, and also does most of the surgery on the small exotic mammals!    Dr Malcolm is well versed with both primary and second opinion consultations.  Having nursed his own pets through heart failure, thyroid illnesses, Cushing's and kidney disease, he has a specific and practical interest in these disease processes.   He has completed post graduate radiography, imaging and medicine courses, and attended the International Feline Medicine conference for  a week in 2013.  When not practicing, Dr Malcolm enjoys triathlon and has completed four Ironman races and many marathons.  He is the proud owner of a mini zoo, with 2 rescue Salukis, and a Standard Poodle who came with him from the UK, 4 rescue cats  and a foundling hedgehog! 

Dr Monique Strange, BVSc MACVSc MRCVS

dr monique strange

Dr Monique Strange is a Queensland graduate from way back in the 90's!  She has a specialty membership  in Small Animal Medicine from the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and spends most of her time in the operating theatre.  She is very experienced in both orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery and has a keen interest in eye procedures.  Her 2015 goal is to re-establish the Feline Friendly Cat clinic again and make every vet visit as stress-free as possible for both cats and dogs.

When not at work, Dr Monique doubles as an endurance athlete and competes in both marathons and Ironman races.  Her goal is to beat Dr Malcolm...

Dr Scott McDougall, BVMS MRCVS

veterinary dr scott mcdougall

Dr Scott arrived in Dubai in June 2011 from the UK with his wife, Victoria and Rex, their 11 year old dog in tow.  With in-laws firmly entrenched in Muscat, Oman he has had a taste of some of the Middle East life already.  Within a day of moving into their new home, they adopted a garden cat to add to the family! Scott has a strong interest in surgery, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, and echocardiography.  Scott & Victoria had a baby boy Caleb in 2015.  Scott plays rugby, skis, and samples some of the dives sites locally and abroad.

Dr Anna Crossa, BVSc Dr med. vet

veterinary dr anna crossa

Born in Geneva, Switzerland of British parents Anna graduated from the Vetsuisse university of Zürich in 2008, where she graduated with a doctorate degree in small animal surgery. She moved to Bahrain where she worked for 4.5 years before she relocated to Dubai. 

While Anna says she has no plan to adopt any animals in the future she has already rescued 3 cats and a dog from Bahrain and has adopted 3 more here in Dubai. When she is not assisting her furry friends at the US Vet Centre she loves to relax at home with her pets and bake cakes for her colleagues. Last year she ran her first half marathon.

Dr Chris Shivelton Queen, BSc BVSc MRCVS

veterinary dr chris shivelton

Chris has been a vet since graduating from the University of Bristol (UK) in 2007 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (BSc). He is a practicing member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS) and currently lives and works in the sunny Emirate of Dubai, UAE. A skilled small animal first opinion general practitioner, Chris also has a wide experience across both medicine and surgery, including out-of-hours (OOH) and emergency practice. In addition to clinical interests, Chris has a passion for marketing and communication, actively engaging in and implementing effective marketing and PR campaigns for a number of clinics. This is in addition to his work as an author, publisher and advisor on vet careers and vet school applications (Vet School Success), and pet care app developer (Mucky Pup & Purrfect Paws). Chris was a Highly Commended runner-up in the 2011 Young Marketer of the Year Award, run by The Veterinary Marketing Association. When Chris is not writing his next book or geeking over some technological newbie he can be found leaping from perfectly good aeroplanes and helicopters in the name of adrenaline-fueled fun. Chris completed Ironman Lake Tahoe in 2015.

Dr Charlene Sim, BVSc

Charlene graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia.

She worked in a mixed animal practice in Wollongong, New South Wales. She then joined a high quality animal practice in Canberra before moving back to Sydney to pursue her love for veterinary medicine. She was one of the track vets for greyhound racing for four years. In 2015, she completed the first part of the Small Animal Internal Medicine Exam by the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and completed the second part in 2017.

When not in company of her patients, Charlene loves being by the beach and taking part in water sports. She can also be found spiking a few volleyballs or even just lazing in the sun.


Dr Stephanie Govier BAppSci BVSc (Hons1)

Dr Sarah Nixon